Thursday, July 16, 2015

Families around this great country of ours have been attempting to find ways to save money for generations and will continue to do so for generations. We have been trying to develop ways to make every dollar stretch as far as we can and like my parents, the question at any store was always, "WHAT'S ON SALE"? Am I right? Of course I am! I mean come on folks. Everyone wants a good deal and we pick up the sales magazines thumbing through them trying to see what percentage is going to be off on everything from groceries to school clothes for our kids. I'm sure every mother out there unless she's making a fortune is willing to get in the ring with me on that point. RIGHT ON SISTER!!! LOL!!!

This picture is really funny but true when we are out trying to search for the best deal that is going to save us money. What we want as consumers is to shop for what we want, find what we want, and get an awesome deal on what we want. Once we find our holy grail, we all also want to have money left over for a rainy day and then some. I'm not going to throw in a lot of meaningless statistics on how many Americans and others societies shop and how they feel about saving money because we would be here all darn day. Really Guys?

What matters most is this. Hey man, how can I save money on the items I need the most as well as the items I want without costing me an arm or leg. Some would say to just locate some discount store in your area or even go to your local dollar store. Some people would suggest that you simply need to get your local news paper and clip out the coolest ads which alert you to upcoming sales. Others may suggest that you call all of your friend and ask them what's the skinny. Some people will suggest going on Facebook or Pinterest and stay glued to the screen. Somebody may even tell you to get in on some crappy deal of if you spend so much, you'll get something in return.

What if I told you that you could capitalize on a great idea and advantage by simply downloading free coupons. I'm serious as a heart attack. Simply download free coupons, shop when you want, and receive awesome deals on items you are going to shop for anyway.